Great selection, courteous staff. Definitely a return customer!

John Lawson

I went here for the first time about a week ago and thought that the staff was friendly and knowledgeable, they also had many different options.

Cassie Davenport

Went here for some Dixie mints since regular place was out, everyone was very nice and knowledgeable, prices were normal and they had a lot of products. The free preroll for being new was actually good unlike most prerolls that are terrible. I'd definitely go back and recommend to others.


Nice safe location with tight parking. Friendly pro staff and good security at entrance. Budtender Jake greeted me instantly after I walked in and was very pleasant and knowledgeable. Was getting some Rec smoke after not smoking for many years so got a half oz. each of Sherbnado and Citrix. Got a nice out the door discount so thank you!!! Wow, hit a very small blunt of the Sherbnado when I got home and got TOASTED. See why the price is where it is as you don't need much. Beautiful little shop with great atmosphere and " I'll be back" like Awwnold. LOL


Best place for concentrates, awesome prices and new strains of shatter almost every week! best dispensary in Genesee County HANDS DOWN!


Quality Dispensary - I like going here. I visit often because I find the buds are better here then other places. they do a good job displaying the product for you to see and smell. They are the only one I know of that has a magnifying lens and light for you to look at the what your buying. They put about an eighter out so you can really tell what the nugs are like. A+


Absolutely professional staff, clean store, and great product make for a wonderful first visit. The prices are fair and they weigh the meds in front of you. Everything is in glass jars so you can see what you're getting. Very happy with my visit and I will be back for sure.

Jaime Johnesee

Nice place to pick up something new. Employees are helpful. The games are fun and worth checking out.

Nikki Mathews

Great staff, great selection. Super knowledgeable. Best place in town.

Jason Treiger

This place has a great selection. The staff are very knowledgeable and helpful! I highly recommend the Barn for your recreational marijuana needs... and wants ;)

Crystal Mccatty

Great selection, they've got friendly faces. I appreciate the security entrance and the space between customers. I can dig the out the door pricing, it makes for better atm budgets...

Miranda Greathouse

Great selection and prices. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Really nice set up inside

Dale Schank

Very nice people. Nice selection I will return. Great edibles.

Christina Shouse

Another excellent purchase today from this place. They are friendly and super discreet. If you are looking for medical or recreational- this is a GREAT place to go!

Jeremy Wamsley

Don’t believe the reviews from the 1 Star wonders. This place is one of the best in the area. Their prices and product are always top-notch. Other sub-standard competitors use these reviews as a way to gain a step on legitimate business. You can trust this place as many have for a long time now.


My experience with this Provider has been uplifting and beneficial. The quality and consistency of the Flowers are high level. I strongly suggest WonkaBars ,Gelato ,PlatinumOg ,Crunchberry and MAC5. I really respect the rustic feel and atmosphere @ THE BARN , check them out!!!


Great selection of meds and CBD products. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. I would definitely recommend stopping in if you are in the area!

Bill Kosinski

Great selection if your looking for quality this is the place to find it. Also the Medibles are fantastic!!

Cori Crawford

Wow I was so excited when I realized this beauty was open. The staff a grade-A sweet and friendly. This is an economical way to get cannabis.

Chad Cole